Bob & Julie – Client Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to express our sincere appreciation for the professionalism, efficiencies and expertise that real estate agent Kathleen White provided during our vacation rental property search and ultimate purchase.

Right from the initial phone call Kathleen quickly grasp exactly what it was we were looking for.  For our first visit to the area in search of properties Kathleen was very well prepared and, based on our input, had assembled an excellent sampling of properties and locations for us to view.  This was extremely important for us since we were only in the area for two days.  Due to her preparation and knowledge of the area, we were able to confidently select a property and begin what would ultimately become a successful purchase.

Kathleen was a real bulldog when it came to staying on top of whatever was the issue of the moment.  From the seller’s agent to attorneys, agreement language, Inspection Company, banks, closing agents, etc., she was the common bond that kept it all on track.  Kathleen was always the one taking the lead role in following up on outstanding issues as well as providing any necessary communication across all parties.

The property we purchased was a short sale, which has its own unique challenges, but Kathleen very capably managed the process and continually kept us informed as to where we were and what we could expect.  Since we do not live in the area, Kathleen’s ability to effectively communicate all aspects of the process was invaluable and allowed us to feel comfortable everything was proceeding as it should.

Bottom line is we had a great experience and now own a piece of the Anna Maria Island dream.  We couldn’t be happier and can’t thank Kathleen enough for all her help.  We look forward to working with Kathleen on our next purchase.


Bob & Julie 



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